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Hegel Viking


Reference bit-perfect CD Player

The Hegel Viking CD player is designed to deliver the most faithful sound reproduction possible. With its mechanical design, advanced digital technology, Hegel’s unique Master clock system, and superb analog stage, Viking is a must-have for any audiophile who wants to experience music in its purest form. Viking is a peak-performance machine. It is designed to do one thing and one thing only: To capture every single aspect of the music you are listening to.

The Viking loads CDs via a slot (not an in-out tray) behind which sits a newly designed laser-and-CD drive mechanism and a resampling/upsampling-free AKM 4493SEQ-based D/A converter, both of which are directly controlled by a thoroughly revised Master clock system.


The Hegel Viking is the best CD player Hegel has ever made!

  • Reference bit-perfect CD player
  • New design, matching our P30A and H30A amplifiers
  • Dedicated top-of-the-line CD drive and laser with slot-in loading
  • Auto standby (configurable)
  • XLR, RCA, and BNC output
  • SoundEngine, MasterClock, LineDriver, and SynchroDAC

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