Salamander Designs

For more than 20 years, Salamander Designs® has been designing innovative, specialized furniture systems that are shaped by your needs.

Originally, Salamander grew out of an idea developed by Salvatore Carrabba in the early 1990s. During a search for furniture to support and display his home entertainment components, Sal discovered there was nothing in the marketplace that met his requirements. He was hoping to find furniture of good quality that could be configured to meet his current needs, but flexible enough to accommodate his entertainment system as it changed over time.

Sal decided to apply his background in sculpture and design to create some furniture on his own, and the Archetype System of shelving was born. The positive response to his designs from family and friends convinced him that others might be interested in his designs as well. So, in 1992 Sal founded Salamander Designs, Ltd. Since then it has become a leader in the consumer electronics furniture marketplace, offering advanced flexible solutions for audio and video enthusiasts.

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    Salamander Designs Berlin 237

    Built-in ventilation louvers for better air flow to keep equipment cool Soft-close door dampeners Remova...
  • Salamander Designs

    Salamander Designs Hampton 339

    This finely crafted unit in distressed black finish is a charming and comfortable design that brings to m...
  • Salamander Designs

    Salamander Designs Synergy 402

    A medium height single-door A/V cabinet featuring. It is great for housing your Audio gear.
  • Salamander Designs

    Salamander Designs Synergy 337

    This is a console-height triple-door audio/video cabinet. It holds large amount of gear, and will accommo...
  • Salamander Designs

    Salamander Designs Synergy 245

    This is a low and wide cabinet with two full doors, two small doors and an open center, so it will hold p...
  • Salamander Designs

    Salamander Designs Synergy 236

    This is one our most popular low-boy, triple-wide av cabinets. The center bay inludes an open upper secti...