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Whole House Audio & Video

It is a true luxury to have music in every room of your house with control at the tips of your fingers.
At StereoLand Home Theater, we are audio distribution experts, specializing in Sonos or higher end solutions, discreet wiring, and quality built-in speakers.
We work with home owners, architects and designers to install aesthetically pleasing sound solutions without compromising quality. While it is very obvious that Whole House Audio – Video Systems provide an enjoyable environment less known is that they also enhance a home’s value.
Whole house Audio – Video refers to a centralized audio/video system that sends music and video signals throughout the home. Because the system is centralized, the only components present in each room are speakers and TV screens.
Control of the system is made possible through the use of a handheld remote, smartphone or tablet, or wall mounted control panels. The centralized components can either be hidden away in a closet, or if you prefer, mounted in an impressive rack system.
And it’s all integrated seamlessly with the other systems that make your home comfortable, like automated shades and lighting control.

Home Theater Rooms

Home cinema can be enjoyed in many different room sizes, from the family room home theater to the dedicated media room, home theater is changing the way families interact, creating more time spent together watching movies in the comfort of their own home. Experience the thrill of owning a state-of-the-art home theater at an affordable price. Never before has the concept of a home theater been so real and achievable. The products that make up a home theater are experiencing price wars which has dramatically reduced the overall cost of our custom home theater packages, greatly benefiting our most valued customers.

High-End Audio

Stereoland are proud to offer our clients a return to the traditional roots of high end audio auditioning. Take time to peruse the active and static displays in our showroom of audio indulgence.
Comprehensive product lines from all featured brands are available for you to experience at your own pace, and with each demonstration structured to take into account your wishes and requirements, our team members ensure that the experience is one tailor made for educated decision and emotional involvement.

Multi Room Music

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to listen to your favourite music all over your home, rather than in just one room? Even better – what about different music in different rooms, at different volume levels. Or even all on at once for a party! Our music systems will enable you to do just this – listen to thousands of radio stations from across the world, playback music from your own digital library, or using Spotify or Rhapsody to stream music that you don’t even own. You’ll be able to control it from a suitable iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch/Android device with a free app. A PC or Mac can also take control, or even an on screen display on your TV. Listen to music in the bathroom, the bedroom, on the patio or in the swimming pool. Have your favourite track or radio station wake you up in the morning.