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KEF Speakers

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  • KEF Speakers


    A compact more affordable version of KEF's ever popular LS-50 Wireless speakers. On sale through March 29...
  • KEF Speakers

    KEF LS-50 Wireless

    The LS50 Wireless Music System is a complete and fully active music system. Sharing the same winning acou...
  • KEF Speakers

    KEF LS50

    Rarely the case in such a compact design, the LS50 monitor delivers a rich, multi-dimensional ‘sounds...
  • KEF Speakers

    KEF LS50 Wireless

    LS50 Wireless delivers a clear, accurate and transparent sound that creates an intense, rich, and multi-d...
  • KEF Speakers

    KEF Q150

    The remarkable Q Series bookshelf speakers excel when space is limited. Featuring the signature KEF Uni-Q...