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Lehmannaudio was founded in 1988 by the young student of audio engineering, Norbert Lehmann, in Cologne, Germany. After 11 years in Bergisch Gladbach the company returned to Rhineland in the spring of 2018. Here with passion for detail is being created what has come into favour in the whole world because of it’s quality: the Lehmannaudio product line. Made in Germany.

Striving for perfection

During my audio engineering studies, we were listening to two amplifiers with identical technical specifications in a direct A/B comparison. Really amazing how much they differed in sound quality: one delivered sound, the other one music. There I realised for the first time that good sound depends on much more than technical data such as power, distortion factor and signal-to-noise ratio.

That listening session sparked a passion in me which has never ceased: how can I build audio technology so, that it communicates the musician’s intention as musically and faithfully as possible? For me, this aspect is key in developing high end. Furthermore, I’m in pursuit of perfection while staying grounded. And when I finally learn that my customers feel happy while listening, I know that all efforts are worth it.

Dive into our history and learn more about our company, our products and our incentive. Find out what made Lehmannaudio what it is today.