Wild Bill’s Specials

Wild Bill Says, “Run don’t walk, no time to ask your wife, bring it home today and ask for forgiveness later!”

Wild Bill Specials are always extreme bargains, here is where Wild Bill will post limited items that are marked way down for immediate sale!

  • Home Theater

    Anthem MCA 225 (Demo)

    MCA Series 2-Channel Power Amplifier Sale on our Demo Unit! Full Warranty! Reg $1999   Sale $1599
  • Amplifiers (Stereo/Mono)

    Anthem Statement A2

    Sale on our Demo Unit! Full Warranty! Reg $2500  Sale $1800.00
  • AudioQuest Power

    AudioQuest Niagara 1000

    6-Port Premium Surge Protector/Line Filter
  • Like New Subwoofers

    Paradigm Cinema Subwoofer

    A nice compact powered subwoofer perfect for a small home theater or to enhance your two-channel system.
  • Focal Speakers

    Focal Electra 1008 Be

    New in the box 2-way Monitor speakers (1) 6-1/2 inch midwoofer, (1) 1-1/4 inch beryllium tweeter Regular ...
  • Paradigm Speakers

    Paradigm Cinema 100CT

    6-piece surround sound speaker system Includes 1 pair front speakers, 1 center channel speaker, 2 rear sp...
  • Save 200pr, original price $699 pair.
  • Wild Bill's Specials

    Paradigm Studio Sub15 Subwoofer

    Save $1800 or more Regular Price $3495 Wild Bill's close-out $1695 or two for $3000
  • Wild Bill's Specials

    Pro-Ject Juke Box E

    Save $300 regular price $499 Wild Bill Special $199 add a pair of matching speakers for only $99 more
  • New Speakers

    Paradigm Shift A2

    Save $200 -$400! Regular price $349/ea We are offering them for $149/ea! We made a special purchase of th...
  • Like New Subwoofers

    KEF T-2 Subwoofer

    New in Box Powered Slimline 10in
  • Headphones

    McIntosh MHP1000

    Headphones Smooth, full bodied, non-fatiguing response Closed headphone design
  • Like New Network Audio

    HEOS 1

    Open box w/ power adapter Black
  • Like New DACs

    Hegel HD30

    Open Box Digital Analogue Converter
  • Pair in Maple Berylium Tweeters Store Demo’s w/ 1 year Warranty
  • Cambridge DAC's

    Cambridge Audio Azur 851D

    Digital music now comes from a multitude of sources, but the digital to analogue converters in most PCs, ...
  • Amplifiers (Stereo/Mono)

    Parasound JC 1

    Premier monaural amplifier Circuitry designed by legendary John Curl and CTC Builder Ultra-high...
  • A/V Pre-Amp/Processor

    Anthem D2v 3D

    Salesman’s Demo Unit – Full Warranty! Regular Price $9,499 Sale Price $3,499!!   The D2v...
  • Amplifiers (Integrated)

    Hegel H360

    Hegel H360 is a giant among integrated amplifiers. With 250 watts per channel into 8 ohms and a damping f...
  • Integra A/V Receivers

    Integra DRX-2.1

    The DRX-2.1 combines accurate, noise-free signal processing with high-current power for dynamic speaker c...
  • Golden Ear Speakers

    Golden Ear Triton One

    The Triton One is an evolutionary speaker that builds upon all the advanced technologies that have made t...