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Watch David and Sam unbox the new revised Rega Planar 3

David Spencer has returned to Stereoland to give a rundown on a product he personally owns, the Rega Planar 3. I joined him in unboxing the turntable and learned a lot from his personal experience with it. Here are some great features on the Planar 3 that make it one of the best turntables around the $1000 price point:

  • The new RB330 tonearm has improved bearings, a new re-designed counterweight, and a new bias assembly to push the resonance lower than ever before. This tonearm tracks with incredible stability and precision.
  • New feet to help reduce vibrations from the house and stepping on the floor (this is more important than you may realize).
  • The sub-platter has been completely redesigned to provide more accurate rotations.
  • Rega has included new improved cables with Neutrik connectors.

Check in next week for another product spotlight with David and myself!