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The New Pro-Ject X2 Turntable with Sumiko Moonstone Cartridge

Pro-Ject has outdone themselves again. Their new X1 and X2 turntables represent a stunning new midpoint in their line. The sound is honestly hard to beat at this price point, and it’s got some great features to boot. Here’s what we love about the X2:

  • The new, super heavy frosted acrylic platter not only looks stunning but does a great job of protecting your records from vibrations.
  • The Sumiko Moonstone cartridge is a genuinely high-end cart that Pro-Ject included stock on this turntable. It sounds wonderful and represents an exceptional value paired with the X2.
  • Pro-Ject uses a new and improved carbon tonearm for exceptional accuracy.
  • The new motor is suspended from the chassis to prevent any vibrations from reaching the record.
  • Pro-Ject’s own Speedbox is used to switch speeds on a dime with an ultra high degree of accuracy. It’s convenient and technically impressive!

All of these features add up to getting the most detail out of your records. The vibration reduction helps keep unwanted vibrations from causing the needle to waver or skip. The Moonstone cartridge tracks incredibly well, helping to pull all the details out of your record. We were surprised at how musical it sounded. Interested in picking up an X2 turntable? Come down to Stereoland or give us a call and you can get yours for a price too low to advertise!