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Rega Brio Unboxing and Overview

We absolutely love this amplifier! Rega has packed an excellent 50W/channel power stage, fantastic preamp controls, and a great phono stage into a miniature package. This amp absolutely does not skimp on the sound, it sounded great with every speaker we threw at it!

Other features about the Brio you’ll love?

  • An excellent headphone out for powering any hi-fi headphones, designed specifically to never introduce noise into the amp circuit.
  • Amazing internal isolation to prevent different parts of the amplification signal from interfering with each other.
  • A new, redesigned chassis that passively cools the unit, keep it super cool in your rack or on your desktop.
  • A wonderful Moving Magnet phono stage that makes it a great pair with any Rega turntable.

We highly recommend you come down to Stereoland and try it out!