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Rega Aria – Unboxing and Overview

Today is the final video of our first round of product unboxings and reviews. David and Sam will be back again in a couple of weeks with some more reviews of a lot of great equipment! As we continue to do these reviews, we get much better at learning how to be more informative and entertaining, so expect the future reviews to be even better!

The Aria is a revolutionary phono stage from Rega that does a lot to bring out the sound in your turntable. By controlling load levels and maintaining a clean signal, a good phono preamp will help breathe life into your records. The Aria does exceptionally well at this job, making any turntable truly sing. It’s got two separate phono stages: one fully adjustable moving coil and one moving magnet.

This thing sounds awesome paired with the Planar 3, or any Rega turntable for that matter. Interested in hearing how it sounds? Come on down to Stereoland and take a listen!