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Technics SL-G700M2


Network / Super Audio CD Player (Black or Silver)

The SL-G700M2 is the new generation multi-digital player that covers most of the digital audio media available today, from traditional CD/SACD to the latest high-res and many streaming services, and plays them all back in the highest possible quality with rich detail and tone.

The Grand Class SL-G700M2 Network / Super Audio CD Player is the new generation multi-digital player that delivers the highest sonic fidelity with new digital/analog processing technology and power supply noise suppression that thoroughly eliminates adverse effects on minute signals. Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, allow you to stream your music from a wide variety of sources, or play traditional CD/SACD with crisp, clear audio.  The SL-G700M2 brings out rich details and tones in music files, no matter what the format.


  • Premium High Precision Coherent D/A Converter
  • Coherent Processing Technology
  • Multi-stage Silent Power Supply
  • Current Injection Active Noise Cancelling
  • Ability to play a wide variety of music sources including Super Audio CD and MQA
  • Housing and chassis supports high quality sound and design