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Pro-Ject Xtension 10


High-end belt-driven turntable with 10″ EVO carbon fiber tonearm, mass-loaded plinth, continuous speed control, and magnetic feet

The Xtension 10 shares much with its larger brother the Xtension 12. Designed to be smaller and with a 10″ tonearm, the Xtension 10 delivers nearly all of the 12’s performance in a more compact and less expensive package. Pro-Ject’s Xtension 10 incorporates over 20 years of experience in turntable design and manufacture. The Xtension 10 represents their latest technological efforts to address mass-decoupling and resonance reduction.


  • Sorbothane-damped sandwich platter made from special alloy combined with vinyl
  • 10″ EVO Carbon Fiber tonearm
  • Ultra low noise motor
  • Magnet supported, inverted main bearing type block 1 with ceramic thrust-pad
  • Integrated Speed Box SE for super-silent motor drive and electronically switchable speed
  • Height adjustable magnet supported feets for perfect isolation
  • Optional Sumiko Blackbird cartridge SuperPack

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