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Pre-Owned Peachtree Nova Pre & 220 Amp – $1,400/pr

A beautiful looking and sounding PreAmp/Amp package!

$1,400 for the pair


$600 for the Nova Pre & $900 for the 220 Amp


The novaPre was designed to enhance the digital sources that we all use today. Few sources are “analog”, yet most preamps on the market support analog only. The novaPre loves your music all the way from mp3 to full 24/192 resolution on your computer, Apple TV, Sonos, music servers, internet radio or whatever source you choose, plus analog!

The novaPre is three products in one:

  • Hybrid Tube Preamp
  • 24/192 DAC
  • Headphone Amp

The Peachtree 220 power amp is the perfect complement to the novaPre – in rosewood, high gloss black or cherry.


The Peachtree220 has 220 watts per channel into 8 ohms and 400 watts per channel into 4 ohms!

This new breed of Class D amplification samples many times that of the original modules making the 220 smooth and extended. Unlike Class D amps of the past, it produces room-shaking bass. The 220 has both balanced and unbalanced inputs and is 90% energy efficient.