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Pre-Owned Audio Research CDT1


Pre-Owned CD Transport

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CD Transport first introduced in 1996

Has listening to music recorded on CD’s become an uninspired routine instead of the releasing experience it once was? Maybe it’s because you’re hearing more of your digital playback machinery and less of the music. In an era when most CD players and transports offer the same bland, assembly-line sonic experience, Audio Research is proud to announce two new products which serve the music instead of digitally enslaving it.

The CDT1 compact disc transport and the CD1 compact disc player both use innovative engineering-along with patented Audio Research circuits – to bring you higher resolution from the compact disc medium than you’ve ever encountered before. This new standard of performance is due in part to more effective mechanical isolation and electronic elimination of digital jitter-the electronic entropy that drags on laser servos, error-correction circuitry and power supplies to hold back the full reproduction of a life-like musical experience. (Hence the flat, dimension-less sound of much previous CD sound.)

Add Audio Research’s advanced, highly regulated power supplies and, in the case of the CD1, an innovative analog stage with low-impedance output drive, and you have two machines which honestly advance the state of the art in music reproduction from CD sources.

Both transport and player offer a full complement of digital output options, including ST-standard glass optical, BNC-coaxial, AES-EBU (XLR) and TOSLINK. The CD1 also includes analog outputs for both balanced (XLR) and single-ended (phono plug) connection to your preamp. In short, both CDT1 and CD1 are equipped for easy incorporation into any music reproduction system. And both include remote control, standard.

So, the choice is yours. For superb performance with any outboard digital-to-analog processor, it’s the CDT1 compact disc transport. For all-round musicality in a single chassis (with the option of later use as a transport), it’s the CD1 compact disc player.

Some audio critics have said that digitally encoded music has finally come of age. We say it’s been reborn. Experience it soon at your nearest authorized Audio Research retail specialist.