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Praise for the Hegel H190!

A customer of ours recently took home a Hegel H190 after taking some time to demo it in our store. Here’s what he had to say about it:

“Let me start with ‘Wow, what a difference an amp makes!’

As soon as I set it up (which was a breeze) and plugged in my speakers I could tell the difference between a $1000 integrated and a $4000 one. The Marantz I have been using was always fine, but the H190 is easily 4x better. It brings out so much more from my speakers! The H190 is also a perfect fit for the whole family. Streaming to it is a breeze, volume control is so much better than the Marantz as well. And the design nicely disappears and has a refined elegance. I don’t know what I would change. It’s the greatest improvement, sonically I’ve ever made.

Thank you for your help and attention when I came in to the store. Glad Stereoland is open for business.”

What a great review! We are so thankful to have customers who care so much about audio and music.