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New at Stereoland: Bluesound and NAD


We are now officially a Bluesound dealer, meaning you can get any of the wonderful Bluesound wireless products here at Stereoland. Much like Sonos or Heos, Bluesound uses BluOS to deliver an excellent high fidelity whole home audio service. They really are devoted to the sound quality of their products, which is refreshing to see in the wireless market.

We wanted Bluesound because they take everything that other wireless audio companies have done and make it more premium. Bluesound is the wireless brand for audiophiles.

  • The Node 2i is a fantastic wireless streamer that works with Qobuz, Tidal, Amazon Music, Spotify, and more. It also works as a Roon endpoint.
  • The Pulse Flex 2i might be the best ultra-portable wireless streaming speaker we’ve ever heard. I couldn’t believe how much sound comes out of such a small speaker.
  • The Pulse 2i and its mini counterpart are also fantastic wireless speakers that work great for filling a whole room with great sound.
  • Bluesound has a range of other products including a wireless soundbar, wireless sub, a premium streaming amplifier, and a CD ripper/streamer/NAS.

NAD Electronics

NAD has an excellent line of amplifiers that are now populating our shelves. They have too many great products to mention, but listed below are some of our favorites. We are able to get the full NAD line in addition to demoing some of their units on the floor, so give us a call if you want to get one ordered.

The NAD 3020 from 1978 is possibly the most famous amplifier in history. NAD went completely against common amplifier tradition at the time and opted for an amp with low rated power output, but very high current. This allowed the 20W 3020 to power hard-to-drive speakers better than many 50-80W units at the time. NAD continues to defy tradition today with industry-leading innovations. We love their equipment!

  • The C316 BEE is one of the best deals in audio right now. It’s a 40W integrated amplifier with uncompromising sound at a price so low I can’t even mention it here.
  • The M10 is a top of the line integrated amplifier with a DAC, Dirac room correction, and BluOS streaming all in one. This thing seriously sounds incredible for its small size, and it’s got some killer features to boot.
  • The C 658 is a preamp, BluOS streamer, and DAC all in one great-sounding package. Enough said.

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