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GoldenEar Bookshelf Reference X (BRX) Unboxing and Review

GoldenEar has really blown us away with this one. The Bookshelf Reference X is truly a stellar pair of speakers. The BRX features the same tweeter and midrange driver as their top-of-the-line Triton Reference at a fraction of the price.

We loved every minute of listening to the BRX, with their expansive soundstage, punchy bass response, and super detailed upper-end. These are an absolute must-listen for any fan of GoldenEar or Hi Fi in general. We also love the new aesthetic, this is the first GoldenEar speaker with removable grills.

Interested in trying them out? We’ve got the BRX, along with the entire GoldenEar line, in our showroom for demo right now. Additionally, you can give us a call at 952-829-9700 if you’d like to order one at a price too low to advertise.