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Checking in with Stereoland – June 2021

As I’m sure you’re all aware, 2020 was an unprecedented year for many reasons. The global pandemic made everything more difficult. We feel very lucky that for us it translated into a good amount of success. Demand went way up, while supply went way down. We happened to be one of the few stores to think ahead and stock a lot of extra inventory so we were able to come out on top in that regard.

We at Stereoland are a pretty small team, and handling a lot of extra business while also maintaining an online presence turned out to be a pretty difficult task. Many of you may have noticed that our blog and social media went dead for nearly 6 months simply due to lack of time. If you missed seeing David and Sam on the YouTube channel, catching our latest new products on Facebook and Instagram, or reading Sam’s articles on the blog, we have good news for you. Stereoland is resuming regular posts on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and the website!

This also includes the Wild Bill’s Specials and Pre-Owned sections of our website. Check back weekly for new sales and used deals!