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Technics SB-C600


Bookshelf Speaker System (PAIR)
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The Technics SB-C600 features a new coaxial driver, thoroughly eliminating unnecessary vibrations in the cabinet, and advances their reputed Balanced Driver Mounting Architecture used in previous models.

A bookshelf speaker system that provides smooth, emotion-rich, high-quality sound, the SB-C600 uses a 2-way coaxial speaker unit realizes clear sound image localization and full-scale sound stage.  The balanced driver mounting architecture thoroughly suppresses unnecessary vibrations for clear audio without distortion.

  • Enhanced spatial sound with advanced phase precision driver
  • High-resolution sound reproduction and a wide sound stage
  • Reproduces sound with a high signal-to-noise ratio, removing undesirable or unnecessary sounds
  • Woofer diaphragm has a shallow shape and smooth edge to reduce sound reflection
  • Balanced driver mounting architecture holds speaker units in place to eliminate vibration and noise