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Rotel Michi S5


Top of the Line Stereo Power Amplifier with 500W/channel

The Michi S5 Stereo Power Amplifier is a best in class linear amplifier. The dual monoblock architecture is equipped with twin, custom engineered oversized, in-house manufactured 2,200 Volt Amp toroidal transformers in individual epoxy filled enclosures eliminating noise and vibration. A bank of 4 British patented bulk storage capacitors totaling 188,000uF delivers exceptional bass energy while maintaining precise detail and control to 32 high current output transistors ensuring effortless accuracy of the timing and rhythm under even the most difficult of load conditions.

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  • 2 channels of Dual Mono amplification
  • 500W @ 8 ohms, 800W @ 4 ohms
  • Class AB amplifier Design
  • Patented British bulk storage capacitors
  • Massive power supply using dual toroidal transformers
  • Balanced XLR inputs