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Pre-Owned JBL Model 4315


Vintage Studio Monitors

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The 4315, a compact studio monitor, is an extension
of the research and development that produced JBL’s
latest high powered and most accurate monitors.
The 4315 accurately reproduces the full range of musical
fundamentals and overtones at sound pressure levels
approaching those of the larger JBL systems
The 4315 is characterized by exceptionally smooth,
wide-band reproduction, clarity, transient response
and a controlled dispersion pattern. Its performance is
obtained through total integration of the components
that make up its four-way system. Each transducer
reproduces only that portion of the audio spectrum for
which it is specifically designed, resulting in greatest
utilization of each driver’s frequency response, transient
capability and dispersion characteristics. The effect
is a true monitor system, compact in physical size, whose
sound distribution pattern is such that the operator can
be located relatively close to the enclosure.


Includes original packaging and owner’s manual. Drivers have had surrounds repaired. Overall excellent condition.