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Paradigm CI Elite E7-LCR v2


4-driver, dual passive radiators, 3-way, shallow enclosure in-wall design speaker. (priced each)

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The Premium Custom Install Speaker. The CI Elite series is Crafted in Canada and has all the technology advantages and grille aesthetics of CI PRO, plus oversized voice coils and X-PAL™ pure aluminum cone technology for the ultimate in sound performance.

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  • In-wall speaker with dual passive radiators, 3 way crossover
  • 1″ X-PAL™ dome, ferro-fluid damped tweeter
  • 6.5″ coaxial X-PAL™ midrange driver
  • 2 8″ (20.3cm) high-excursion X-PAL™ low frequency drivers
  • 2 8” (16.5cm) high-excursion X-PAL™ passive radiators
  • White, paintable grille