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Focal Utopia 2022


High Fidelity Open Back Circumaural Headphones

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The Standard-Bearer for Open-Back Headphones: Focal Utopia 2022 Features Beryllium M-Shaped Dome Loudspeaker and Updated Voice Coil

Reference-grade resolution, amazing comfort, and elegant design come together in the industry-standard Focal Utopia 2022 open-back headphones. Featuring a wide-range loudspeaker made of a 1.6-inch, pure Beryllium M-shape dome built within the headphones, Utopia 2022 touts several upgrades — including a copper-aluminum voice coil and honeycomb grilles  over the original model for enhanced reliability and sound.

Notably, Utopia 2022 is able to play without any crossover or passive filtering. As a result, it claims an astonishing 5Hz-50kHz frequency response. You’ll hear reference-level naturalism, balance, dynamics, detail, and transparency. Utopia 2022 seemingly disappears while the music appears with exacting precision and true-to-scale imaging. Manufactured in France, these headphones have generated accolades throughout the world.

The open-back ear cups provide for sonic decompression and help create an immersive soundstage. Utopia 2022’s purity extends to the carbon-fiber yoke designed to fit all head sizes and shapes. Free of the conventional rotation found on most yokes, it seamlessly integrates into the headband for the ultimate in listening comfort. Designed to evenly distribute weight across the headband, these ‘phones allow for long listening sessions. Pittards leather, used on the nearly 1-inch-thick memory-foam cushions, reinforces the character of the elegant lines and overall performance.

A durable, two-pin, fully shielded Lemo connector is positioned on the underside of each ear cup. The headphones arrive in a black, faux leather box with a lightweight carrying case and two high-fidelity cables. The 10-foot cable is ideal for use in the home with a high-end amplifier, thanks to its balanced, four-pin XLR connector. The five-foot cable is designed to be portable.

If you’re ready to experience the state-of-the-art in headphones and want a true wide-range loudspeaker on your ears, you’re ready to go to Utopia.