AudioQuest PowerQuest 2 and PowerQuest 3 Surge Protector and AC Line Filter

AudioQuest has done it again an affordable high-performance surge protector with powerful line conditioning. Improve the sound performance of your audio system or home theater. Improve the picture quality of your high-end TV. By filtering your AC line you lower the noise floor and you instantly improve the detail and dynamic range of any audio system. the PowerQuest will also improve your video signal by reducing line noise.

  • 6 (PowerQuest 2) or 8 (PowerQuest 3) AC Outlets
  • 1 (PowerQuest 2) or 2 (PowerQuest 3) High Current Outlets 4 Linear Filter Outlets
  • 1 (PowerQuest 2) or 2 (PowerQuest 3) 4K/8K Video Optimized Ultra Filter outlets
  • High Speed USB charging Ports
  • Signal Line Protection for Phone, Network, and Cable Satellite