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Anthem Statement P5


5-channel power amplifier with 325 watts per channel continuous power into 8 ohms

In life we admire “heart.” When we say someone has heart we mean passion, spirit, fortitude. And we applaud it. While the amplifier is the brawn behind every successful music and movie presentation, it is also the heart! The heart of an amplifier rests with its design and it is here that P2 and P5 amplifiers reveal their high-end lineage: multi-layered, hand-designed circuit boards with thick copper traces; rugged, independent power supplies with tuned toroidal power transformers for each amplifier channel; fourteen rugged bipolar output devices per channel; custom-designed convection-cooled heatsinks with serrated fins; a “no-fuse” design strategy. And the list goes on.


  • 2 channels of power amplification
  • 325W into 8 ohms, 500W into 4 ohms, 675W into 2 ohms
  • Edge-Of-The-Art Multi-Mono Design
  • Massive Toroidal Transformers
  • Fourteen Bipolar output Devices Per Channel