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Pre-Owned Wyred 4 Sound DAC-2v2 SE


Digital to Analog Converter

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Our flagship, special edition DAC-2v2 SE builds on the DAC-2v2 and is a tour-de-force in DAC technology and a bonafide reference product by any standard. At it’s heart, the new 2v2SE gets the best DAC chip on the market, the ESS 9038PRO*. This chip is absolutely state-of-the-art with respect to specs and sonics. The 2v2SE is all about no-compromise, so how could we not use the best chip available?

Enhancing the already stellar performance of our DAC-2v2, the DAC-2v2 SE includes an array of highly upgraded components: Vishay Z-Foil resistors,       ultra-low noise discrete regulators, ultra-fast     recovery Schottkey diodes, premium grade inductors,   green OLED display and a premium upgraded fuse. The   culmination of these enhancements is refined audio performance   down to the minutest nuances.

Delivering the highest quality audio of our digital-to-analog convertors, the DAC-2v2 SE is like the DAC-2v2 on steroids! As with all our DAC v2 products, the DAC-2v2 SE is both an incredible performer and a great value for your dollar, easily outclassing DACs 3-4x the cost. With the DAC-2v2 SE, you will enjoy simply the best sound from your music system.