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Tannoy Kingdom Royal MK II


4 Way Floorstanding 12″ Dual-Concentric Loudspeaker. Priced Each

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  • 4 way floorstanding loudspeaker for large sized rooms
  • 12″ Dual Concentric driver provides class-leading coherence and point-source imaging
  • Supplementary long throw 15″ paper cone bass driver gives exceptionally deep and dynamic bass performance
  • 25 mm SuperTweeter with magnesium alloy dome and neodymium magnet system extends response to 61 kHz to accurately reproduce the leading edge of notes
  • Dual Concentric driver features 75 mm aluminium-alloy diaphragm and Mylar surround compression driver to deliver exceptional clarity and articulation in the mid to high frequency range
  • Very low 700 Hz crossover point between Dual Concentric midrange to compression driver greatly enhances vocal quality
  • Highly efficient 96 dB/Watt sensitivity and 1,200 Watt peak power handling deliver breath-taking dynamics and realism