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Pre-Owned RBH T1x3 + RBH 1010SENx2 + RBH Amps x2

$13,000.00 $4,000.00

Consignment Collection of RBH Speakers

The award-winning T-1 is the foundation of the RBH T System. Four 6½-inch aluminum cone woofers and three liquid-cooled silk dome tweeters come together in a dispersion-averaging alignment for the ultimate in sound quality and performance. The T-1’s driver configuration focuses the sound at the listening position for incredible imaging.

RBH Subwoofer Amplifiers provide the power needed for an intense, pulse-pounding home theater experience. The RBH SA-400 amplifier makes it easy to add deep, clean and powerful bass to any audio system. This amplifier is easily incorporated into any audio or home theater system and are packed with features designed to make the integration of subwoofers or bi-amplified tower speakers as seamless as possible. The SA-400 Subwoofer Amplifier is RBH’s highest performance amplifier. The SA-400 is the amplifier of choice for powering subwoofer sections of the Signature Series T System, Signature Series tower speakers and Signature Series freestanding and in-floor subwoofers. Capable of providing 400 Watts of continuous power, the SA-400 makes easy work of adding strong, powerful bass to any audio or home theater system.