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Pro-Ject Signature 12


High-end audiophile turntable with fully adjustable 12″ S-shaped tonearm, dampened sub-chassis, continuous speed control, and mass-loaded plinth

The Signature turntable is Pro-Ject’s all-out assault on the analog high-end. This no compromise approach to vinyl playback design commemorates Pro-Ject’s 20-years as an esteemed manufacturer of turntables and electronics. Each table takes 3 months to build and is entirely constructed and assembled by a team of two highly skilled craftsman – truly an artisan product!


  • Advanced 12″ S-shaped tonearm with single-pivot design
  • The flywheel belt-drive system employs two motors to ensure noise-free operation
  • The touch screen allows control of all operational parameters and variable speed adjustment
  • SuperPack includes Sumiko Palo Santos Presentation Cartridge at a significantly reduced price.
  • Available in Gloss Piano Black or Mahogany

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