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Pre-Owned Thiel CS 1.7


Coherent Source Tower Speakers (Pair)

Our new speaker, the CS1.7, is the latest in a long and proud line of two-way Coherent Source floorstanding loudspeakers beginning with the historic Model 04a. As with any THIEL, the design goals were to play music with the utmost fidelity possible – achieving excellence in tonal balance, dynamic range, spatial recreation, and clarity. That excellence in each regard can be achieved in such a small package is a testament to THIEL’s engineering process. No other floorstanding loudspeaker can recreate the real live event of the recording in such a small elegant package as the THIEL CS1.7.

Just Two Drivers?

Of course, it’s a two-way loudspeaker. But once you hear how even our smallest floorstanding loudspeakers can recreate even a  full size symphony hall in your room, you’ll ask yourself the same question. The new tweeter is a very highly optimized version of the unit found in the CS1.6. The midrange/woofer driver is a unique accomplishment. The shape was inspired by our groundbreaking CS3.7, but it’s not simply a scaled down version of a previously developed driver. The diaphragm geometry featured is the result of thousands of hours of research and development using custom calculations, finite element analysis, and laser interferometry. Each curve is precisely thought out to ensure minimum resonance and ultra wide bandwidth. Our new 6.5″ woofer operates smoothly to an extremely high frequency of 10kHz which is nearly unheard of for a bass driver. Such wide bandwidth gives us the flexibility to synthesize a true first order acoustic crossover network between the driver elements. This is the only way to have a true time and phase coherent loudspeaker.