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Pre-Owned Rega Saturn CD Player


CD Player, Remote & Power Cord

* Two parallel connected Wolfson WM8740 dual differential Digital to Analogue converters improving the dynamic range and linearity.

* The master clock provided by a High stability low jitter crystal oscillator module.

* Substantial 60VA toroidal transformer with separate windings for audio, digital & display circuits.

* High capacity power supply’s utilizing Nichicon Fine Gold audio grade capacitors & fast rectifier diodes.

* Digital to Analogue converters utilizing Solid Polymer de-coupling capacitors.

* Nichicon Fine gold audio grade capacitors by-passed by Evox film capacitors are employed in the signal path, and in the audio sensitive de-coupling positions in the Digital to Analogue converters

* Post DAC analogue amplifier and filter employ a Cascade pair discrete Class A amplifier using low base spreading resistance transistors.

* The Post DAC analogue amplifier and filter is supplied from a low impedance supply, giving a tighter & enhanced bass.

* Large double-sided PTH PCB with generous ground planes.

* Solid Aluminium front panel