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Pre-Owned ProAc Response 15


2-way Tower Speakers (pair)

With its roots in the highly acclaimed ProAc Response One Point Five, this elegant new model delivers a heightened level of dynamic performance, adding greater weight and a lively muscularity to the musical experience.

At the hub of this improvement is our own new 61/2″ bass/midrange unit. This driver has a radical new basket design for higher rigidity and a completely reworked magnet and coil assembly. Bass loading is achieved through a system which has never been used before in a Response range model. Four large conical feet support each cabinet, allowing the flared equalised ports to couple the bass output efficiently to the floor through the plinths. As a result this driver excels in areas of control, power handling, openness and midrange detail.

Through a sophisticated crossover network the bass/midrange driver is harnessed to the famous ProAc 3/4″ soft dome tweeter, which has become renowned for its smooth, sweet and detailed sound.

As ever the ProAc Response D15 build quality is outstanding. A high density MDF cabinet with walls of varying thickness is heavily damped with bitumen and lined with anechoic grade foam. Finished in real wood veneers, these superb cabinets are built to look good for a long time.

The new ProAc Response D15 is a remarkable fulfilment of the promise of cutting edge technology, producing a powerful yet refined presentation of music out of all proportion to the size of the cabinets. These are floorstanders with a beguiling musicality which will satisfy the most demanding of audiophiles.