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Paradigm Soundplay

$899.00 $499.00

Powered Home Theater Soundbar with Bluetooth Music Streaming

Soundplay drivers are divided into three sets within the narrow soundbar structure. Each set is aimed at a scientically-determined angle, to send sound information out to specific locations within your listening area. This driver-aiming arrangement delivers a more uniform sound field, with more dynamic range and more realistically blended response, than any other soundbar in this class. Soundplay succeeds where other soundbars fall flat: All around you.

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  • Soundbar with 9 dispersion-array full-range drivers
  • 9 full-range 2.5″ high excursion composite cone drivers.
  • Three-dimensional Soundfield™ Anthem Room Correction – ARC™, with included calibrated digital microphone.
  • 9 amplifiers with 270W Dynamic Peak; 135W RMS.
  • Available in Gloss Black