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Paradigm Prestige 95F

4-driver, 2-1/2 way floorstanding speaker. (priced each)

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Prestige 95F floorstanding speakers utilize 2.5-way crossover technology to greatly improve off-axis performance (for listeners not positioned directly in front of the sweet spot) and boost deep bass dynamics. This leap in acoustic performance is based in utilizing all three woofers at low frequencies, while the bass/midrange covers voice and musical instruments without the necessity of “crossing over” to the dedicated midrange.

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  • Floorstanding speaker with 2.5-way crossover
  • 1″ X-PAL pure aluminum tweeter
  • 8″ X-PAL pure aluminum midrange driver
  • 2 8″ X-PAL pure aluminum low frequency drivers
  • Available in Piano Black, Walnut, Black Walnut, Gloss White or Midnight Cherry (slight upcharge)