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MoFi Electronics UltraPhono


MM/MC Phono Preamplifier and Headphone Amp Combo


Extremely analog: The very name of the Mobile Fidelity UltraPhono MM/MC phono preamplifier/headphone amplifier reflects its purpose-oriented results in the same way that its iconic brand represents the finest-possible audio presentations. Designed to replicate the purity of playback derived from Mobile Fidelity’s all-analog cutting system, UltraPhono espouses a clean, precision-based signal path focused on creating unforgettable listening events. Like the cutting system found in the Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab in Sebastopol, California, UltraPhono is developed by revered engineer Tim de Paravicini and plays back music with crystalline clarity, meticulous accuracy, and involving realism. Handcrafted in the U.S.A., UltraPhono delivers the level of performance you demand at a price you can afford. 100% Music Direct Guaranteed.

UltraPhono comes with selectable gain and loading, enabling you to match it to the specifications of practically every MM and MC cartridge available. Toggle switches, located on the bottom of the device, empower you to fine-tune and adjust settings without the need for any tools. UltraPhono also includes a front-activated mono switch and a subsonic filter. The former is expressly tailored for your entire collection of mono LPs of any vintage. If you have never had a mono switch, prepare yourself for the deep front-to-back layering for which good mono sound is known. The equally beneficial subsonic filter helps correct for deficiencies associated with warped LPs you may have purchased use at a local record store or scored at a garage sale. It also compensates for vibrational issues that can cause woofer cone excursion at higher volume levels due to imperfect turntable isolation. No matter what kind of record you spin, UltraPhono delivers the kind of wide-bandwidth transparency and dynamic responsiveness demanded by the finest vinyl. An external, balanced power supply furthers this aim by keeping noise away from the delicate audio signal and contributing to a super-low noise floor.

Want to play LPs without setting up speakers and other gear? UltraPhono’s headphone amplifier makes that wish come true anytime you want. Indeed, UltraPhono goes to every extreme – even the most personal. A built-in, high-grade Class A headphone amplifier and 31-step volume control offer the ultimate in intimate listening. Simply plug your headphones into UltraPhono and become transported to the studios where your favorite records were originally made. UltraPhono puts headphone listeners in the driver’s seat.

From the 31-step volume control to the hand-selected parts, every element inside and outside of UltraPhono has been considered in relationship to the sound you hear. Working in collaboration with several of the audio community’s most respected engineers, Mobile Fidelity spent more than two years building prototypes and experimenting with materials. Even minute detail was evaluated via countless listening sessions and tests. The UltraPhono you will enjoy in your home is the culmination of those painstaking efforts – and a component whose refined abilities deem it worthy of the iconic Mobile Fidelity name. As an internationally acclaimed symbol and purveyor of audio superiority, Mobile Fidelity would settle for nothing less. Neither should you.