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Hegel Mohican


Reference Model Dedicated CD-Player

There is no lack of CD-players, but nowadays most of them are trying to be “everything”. They should play SACD, have digital inputs, support DSD and perhaps even have an app and a headphone jack. The problem is that these functionalities not only drive up the cost but actually reduce the sound quality when playing a CD. For years, we wanted to do something about that. And finally, it is here… The Mohican – for people who want the best from their CDs.


  • CD-drive mechanisms from Sanyo, updated with Hegel’s own designed servo boards
  • The newest and best DAC chips, working in native 16 bit/44.1 kHz resolution
  • Patented SoundEngine to control the clock, forcing jitter down to levels never reached before
  • Fixed line-level unbalanced RCA and balanced XLR outputs
  • -145dB Noise Floor

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