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Introducing the New Polk Audio Legend L800!

We just got in the all new Polk Audio Legends series. Featuring many technologies that made Polk so great decades ago, this brand new speaker lineup really blew our minds. The Legend L800 features dual tweeters mounted at a 15 degree angle using the new SDA Pro technology, giving absolutely stellar imaging performance. The stereo separation on these is really next level.

What really wowed us about these was the clean, but monstrously powerful bass response. Often times a speaker with powerful bass suffers from a lack of quality in the highs, but their new Pinnacle tweeter (watch out, it’s sharp!) keeps up by delivering crisp and well balanced treble.

The Legend series is only available from select dealers, and Stereoland is the only dealer for these speakers in the Twin Cities area. Watch us unbox them here, and come down to the store to check them out!